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Our Expertise – Pre and Post Judgment Rights and Remedies

The Los Angeles Law Firm of Ronald P. Slates has over 40 years of specialized experience in:

Post Judgment Rights and Remedies and Enforcement of Judgement

The Law Firm of Ronald P. Slates has developed an aggressive and cost-effective approach to pursuing your post judgment rights and remedies.  A prompt recovery of your judgment can be achieved after searching for and analyzing the debtor’s assets.  Using the expertise of our in-house investigations and process-serving department, the judgment lawyer in Los Angeles, Ronald P. Slates provides comprehensive collection services, both nationally and internationally, including:

  • In-Depth exhausting verified asset searches Nationwide including Stock Brokerage searches
  • Exhaustive lawful Nationwide Bank searches down to the Branch level
  • Location of debtors
  • Civil and Criminal background investigations
  • Plaintiff and defendant lawsuit searches

We will tailor a post judgment remedy to meet your individual needs.  We have over 40 years of collective experience in enforcing post judgment remedies including:

  • Judgment liens prepared, filed and recorded
  • Writs of execution and garnishment
  • Levies of bank accounts, securities accounts, and business assets
  • Seizures and sales of real estate

Post judgment enforcement collection is the final step in the difficult battle in commercial debt collection and litigation.  We know your post judgment rights and remedies and have been helping creditors enforce those rights and remedies for more than 30 years.

Business Collection Litigation

The Law Firm of Ronald P. Slates’ business litigation practice includes strategies to help you avoid costly trials while protecting your business and assets.  Collectively, we have been helping businesses in California for over 40 years in all business litigation matters, including Los Angeles commercial debt collections, breach of contract issues, and fraud claims.

We understand the special legal and commercial issues faced by businesses located in California and doing business in California.  We will work aggressively to protect your business interests.

When possible, we will negotiate and procure satisfactory settlements in an effort to help you avoid a trial.  However, when necessary, we will manage your business interests through the trial process to best represent your needs.

Real Estate Collection Litigation and Transactions

The Law Firm of Ronald P. Slates has been protecting our clients’ interests in commercial, industrial, and residential property since 1975.  Our aggressive and diligent approach to real estate collection litigation will safeguard your commercial and industrial real property interests and rights.

We have specialized experience in real estate transactional matters and litigation including:Commercial and industrial collections of realty debts and judgments

  • Commercial and industrial collections of real estate debts and judgments
  • Purchase and sales negotiations
  • Commercial and industrial lease matters, including drafting of leases and contracts
  • Breach of contract matters and collection thereof
  • Commercial and industrial landlord/tenant matters and collection thereof
  • Foreclosures

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