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Commercial Debt Recovery in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Law Firm of Ronald P. Slates has over 30 years of specialized experience in:

Commercial Debt Collections in Los Angeles

The Law Firm of Ronald P. Slates has developed an aggressive, efficient, cost-effective, responsive, and ethical approach to Los Angeles commercial debt recovery.  Our practice focuses on commercial debt collections for professionals and businesses.

Under California’s commercial credit collection laws, we can get our clients into court to collect their debts in 60 days, in most cases involving commercial collection in Los Angeles.  Under special circumstances, we can do this in as little as three days.  We pursue all options available under the law to recover your money.

If desired by our clients, we can place a sheriff upon the business premises of the debtor and secure cash, and inventory while waiting for a judgment. This quick action often encourages early settlement and can save our clients large amounts of money in litigation costs and attorneys’ fees.

“If we cannot collect your business or commercial debt or enforce your judgment, nobody can!”

Prejudgment Writs of Attachment

The Law Firm of Ronald P. Slates is here to protect your financial interests 24/7.  We have been specializing in Los Angeles commercial debt recovery since 1975, and we understand that time is money.  We work aggressively for you to apply for prejudgment right to attach orders and writs of attachment to protect the value of your future judgments.

California statutory law allows a creditor to seek a prejudgment writ of attachment, which allows the sheriff to freeze the assets of a debtor.  Under such a writ of attachment, a judicial lien is created, and the debtor’s assets are held pending the outcome of a trial or settlement.

A prejudgment writ of attachment not only strongly encourages settlement by the debtor but provides you with a source of financial recovery once a final judgment or settlement has been ordered.

When the Los Angeles judgment attorney of Ronald P. Slates obtains a writ of attachment for you, this often prevents debtors from attempting to escape judgment or from transferring their assets before a court judgment has been issued.  We also will conduct an in depth nationwide investigation to ensure that your debtors are not hiding other assets or otherwise attempting to conceal their assets and property.
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Time is of the Essence

Timely action is important in obtaining a prejudgment writ of attachment.   Contact the Law Firm of Ronald P. Slates to speak with an attorney that specializes in commercial and business collections in Los Angeles.  We will work aggressively to recover your Los Angeles commercial collections and protect your financial interests.